Brocante De Tante Mathilde




EUR 125.00

Napoleonic  Prisoner of War Carved and Fretwork BONE Box the hinge and the pins holdingthe lid and base to the hinge are also bone as Prisoners of War would have had no access to metal of any kind these pieces were made to sell to townfolk so as to be  able to get money to buy food etc 

sometimes Ladies would commision a piece to be made to a set design perhaps paying a little more if she or he was pleased with the result

looking at the Design on this piece I would surmise that the Prisoner was Held near a Lace MakIng Town Perhaps in Holland, as France and Holland were Allies at the Time 

I feel certain that anybody with a knowledge of lace making could tell the detail design and therefore the Region or Country of Origin

H 1.5cms

L  10.5cms

W   4cms

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