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Brocante De Tante Mathilde



Figurine - Terracotta

EUR 900.00


1950's D.H. Chiparus figurine of Cinderella at the ball - wonderfully modelled as CINDERELLA in all her splendour just prior to midnight, beautifully dressed in flowing gown and shawl, but minus one shoe from fleeing the Ball.

HIstory of the designer - Probably the leading Deco exponant of the era, DEMETRE H. CHIPARUS was born in Dorhoi, Romania on september 18th 1886. The H stands for Haralamb which Chiparus adopted in memory of his father. In 1909 he decided to travel and studied in Florence before moving to Paris where he studied under Mercier and Boucher. He exhibited at the Salon des Artists Paris from 1914. His works in the 1920's were influenced by the Ballet and Theater(Cinderella by Tchaikovsky being the obvious infulence for this wonderful statue) He also had an infinity for children and animals and died in January 1947 after returning form studying animals and the Zoo in Vincennes.

This stunning piece owes its rarity value to the small amount of works Chiparus executed in Terracotta and their obvious vulnerability to breakage.

She is signed on the top of the plinth in the terracotta D.H. Chiparus and also hand signed Editions Reveyrolis, Paris.

Height 45 cms

Length 38 cms

Width 15.5 cms

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